Baie welkom!

Welcome to our foreign guests!

Jcwf (kontak) 15:48, 26 Februarie 2017 (UTC)Beantwoord

PS: Ek is reeds sedert talle jare admin hier.

Dankie, @Jcwf! 🤘 K175 (kontak) 12:30, 4 November 2017 (UTC)Beantwoord

Nuwe Sjablone wysig

Verskoon die Engels. I will just do a better job of expressing myself this way.

I love the new code you've implemented to af.wiktionary.

I assume most of it was retrofitted from en.wiktionary?

The "meervoud van" template is perhaps a little redundant since Sjabloon:meervoud already exists and is easier to type and implement. But I've always found Sjabloon:meervoud to be unnecessarily wordy, particularly the "meer as een 'woord'." part.

Otherwise, I'm just curious as to how far along in the upgrade you are?

@PixelVulpix: Hi! Yes, I am copying the code from enwiktionary, and I am not sure how far along the upgrade we are because there are still lots of bits that need translation and there are some missing modules. So I will keep testing and adding parts of speech templates to complete our collection of modules and templates. K175 (kontak) 06:48, 22 Januarie 2020 (UTC)Beantwoord